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Urology is a medical branch that examine male reproductive system and urinary tract in men and women. Urology include diagnosis and the treatment of any disorder which is related to kidneys,urinary ducts,bladder,prostate,semen channels,urine tube and testes.

The most common diseases are kidney and urinary tract stone disease,tumors of these areas,urinary incontinence in female patients,prostate disorders and infertility in male patients.

EGE LİVA Hospital provides the service(kidney, urinary tract, bladder and prostate diseases, infertility) in all matters related to urology. And also successfully perform all surgeries of modern urology

We can perform in our hospital prostate cancer screening and prostate disease in male patients seen in middle and old age. We can take prostate biopsy by ultrasound-guided in case of necessary.

All examinations and treatments can be performed in our hospital about male infertility. Hormone tests, sperm count, colorful testicular ultrasound  (scrotal Doppler ultrasonography) can be made

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