Medical Units

Orthopedics and Traumatology

Orthopedy is a branch of science that includes the treatment of bone and muscle disorders which is seen in people of all ages. The correction takes place by using special methods for that type of distortion , fracture dislocations, surgery, transplants or stretching etc.

Hip and knee prosthesis used in adults with joint problems by applying minimally invasive techniques; Because that techniques reduce the pain after surgery, increase the movement rate. Like that it is easier to take care of the patient and the patient can be back to work more early or the patient may take care of himself/herself.

Our orthopaedic clinic is one of the centre where we apply arthroscopy (closed joint surgery) with the latest technology that usher in a new epoch. We still apply knee, shoulder arthroscopic surgery in our clinic by today's most advanced techniques.In our clinic we carry out the developments in the hand and foot surgery. And also we carry out the painful problems of big toe joint beside rheumatic hand deformities. We strive to provide the best service for our patients with the new surgical technique that allows the optimal fracture union, implants and mini-invasive implant systems.